Viola x hybrida MAGNIFI SCENT® ‘Blue Sails’ has frilled blooms in elegant crisp white tones with bold striking delft blue edges, and is ideal for patio pots and containers, garden borders and mass landscape plantings. Its large leaves have light green with creamy white centers and dark green edges. Flowers are smaller 1 1/2-2 inches across but still very high in number and thrives in cool conditions. FERTILIZATION: Constant feed with a well-balanced fertilizer containing adequate amounts of micronutrients, slightly higher FE. Ready for sales (from rooted cutting) within 7-11 weeks. While most of the production had been self propagation by growers, more offshore cuttings farms have added succulents to their unrooted offerings. Cassia favor dry conditions once roots are well established. Plants grow to approximately 8 inches high and spread to 12 inches wide. Allow soil to dry completely between irrigation. Sempervivum (Hens & Chicks): Get the sweet rosette shape but with frost hardiness down to -20F. Wholesale Succulent Unrooted Cuttings. Typically they are less expensive because no royalties have to be paid, and you are not required to buy tags. Sundiascia® is a completely new form of diascia with unique, upright habit and tall sturdy flower spikes. Attractive even when flowers are closed, Gaillardia grandiflora 'Frenzy' (PP19,943), 4. TEMPERATURE: Normal day 64-75 F, cool night 45-55 F. FERTILIZATION: Constant feed, with a balanced fertilizer (200-250 ppm N), that contains average levels of micronutrients with a slightly increased level of iron. Lysimachia christianiae ‘Sunburst’ is part of the HILLIER™ Collection, from Hillier Nurseries. The Coral Reef series is now available in URCs. ROOTING: 3 to 4 weeks, at temperatures of 64-75 F. Rooting hormone is optional. IRRIGATION: Maintain moderate moisture levels. The plants are Well-branched and grow new flowers all summer long. With fancy foliage and unique colors, this echeveria is a standout. In addition, Salvia Feathers is also very suitable for mass planting. Sunsparkler® ‘Plum Dazzled’ flowers from summer to autumn but with its beautiful foliage color, it will colour your garden the entire gardening season. This evenly matched series comes from an award-winning breeder and has outstanding retail appeal. It grows to 6″ high and 20″ wide. Bulk Artificial Succulents. They have a cascading habit, similar to that of a vine. This is also an outdoor variety and needs bright sun or a grow light if kept indoors temporarily. This Coral Red draws plenty of attention in the rock garden. Do not over mist or over-water. This Ajuga will be a real star in any garden! Grows well in hot weather, very heat tolerant (35-38¡æ). Top selling New Guinea series in the market. Violet colored flowers with chartreuse colored flowers. For 4″ (10 cm) Pot, use 1 plant per pot. GROWTH REGULATORS: Maintain high light intensities and temperatures as recommended. 1-3 sprays of ALAR (B-Nine) 2 gr/L according to required plant size. Temperatures of 95 -104 F in summer is tolerable if shade and irrigation are provided properly. Lavandula ‘Meerlo’ is a colourful lavender with beautifully serrated, grey-green leaves with a cream-colored margin. Beautiful bare root plants and unrooted cuttings for planting, projects, and gifts. This has led to a small temporary increase in … Container Gardens, Hanging Baskets, Landscapes, Thrips, mites, aphids, whiteflies, leaf miners, Broad spectrum fungicidal drench recommended after planting, Container Gardens, Gardens, Hanging Baskets, Landscapes, 4 inch pot – 2 pinches 6 inch pot – 3 pinches. A beautiful and easy plant in dazzling colours that are different depending on their spot: in the sun the foliage is dark purple with bright pink edges, in the semi-shade the foliage is light purple with bright pink edges and in the shade the foliage is blue-green with white and pink edges. Pazzaz NANO™ has a compact and moderate habit with big beautiful flowers that offer strikingly bright color. Watering: keep pots moist or slightly dry, Pests: Whitefly or spider mites could be a problem. Our forms include unrooted or rooted cuttings, calloused cuttings, pre-cooled, and … Space in time. The Portulaca Pazzaz NANO™ series from Danziger is the new, compact sub-series to the popular PAZZAZ™ series. We’re excited to help you bring new, colorful, exciting varieties to your customers! The Winter series is bushier, with larger flowers that bloom early spring through summer. ‘Plum Dazzled’ is a new Sunsparkler® Sedum with stunning dark purple foliage and large, cherry coloured flowers. Our cuttings arrive cured and ready to use for temporary projects like centerpieces, bouquets, and other decorative arrangements. If our rooted liners do not come as pinched and breaking plants, do a single pinch. LIGHT INTENSITY: Moderate to high light is optimal for growth and flowering, min. Typically used for DIY projects with Home Decor, Wreaths, Living Walls, Seasonal Projects, Container Gardens, Centerpieces, & Wedding Decor. ‘Frenzy’ is winter hardy to USDA zone 7a. Temperature:65-72º F day & 58-65º F night.

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