Memory support takes place in a specially designed section of our community that is completely secured to ensure the safety of our residents. Assisted Living: The Assistance You Need While Maintaining Independence “Ultimately, a continuum of care is all about providing seniors with choices,” says Mary. Our continuum of care model successfully manages and supports a person’s medical care through life’s transitions. Is Hospice Care Right for Your Loved One With Dementia? “We understand that when you make the move to a senior living community like East Ridge at Cutler Bay, you’re doing so because you’re ready to enjoy everything your senior years have to offer – with the peace of mind of knowing that you never have to move again. For example, if you need assistance getting dressed, bathing, managing medication, mobility assistance or other tasks of daily life, assisted living is a natural choice. “Ultimately, a continuum of care is all about providing seniors with choices,” says Mary. Rehabilitation: Getting You Back On Your Feet The concept of continuum of care is not a universal feature of all systems. It is, however, a defining characteristic of MJHS Health System. In that case, residents receive skilled nursing care right on campus – again, eliminating the need to move away from their home in order to get the care they need. Essentially a continuum of care is a system that provides a comprehensive range of health services, so that care can evolve with the patient over time. Continuum of Care Definition . This level of care is for individuals who don’t need the consistency of skilled nursing, but require services in order to help them recover from an illness or injury so they can return home to their normal lifestyle. Rehabilitation services include therapies such as speech, occupational and physical, as well as pain management, wound care, joint protection and more. It’s possible that a resident may require more assistance than the other care levels provide on a daily basis. In the healthcare world, it doesn’t necessarily mean one formal system of care. The continuum of care is grounded in the idea that recovery is an ongoing process. Your email address will not be published. Please contact us to learn more about what we can offer. | Gainesville, FL 32606. East Ridge at Cutler Bay, a SantaFe Senior Living Community, is Miami-Dade County’s only true Life Plan Retirement Community. It’s that continuum of care that distinguishes us from other human service organizations. A continuum of care can mean different things in different settings. Assisted living is the next level of service in the continuum of care. For a long time, that was the default because seniors didn’t want to move into a “nursing home.” However, today’s senior living communities are a far cry from the facilities of yesteryear. It’s the privacy and independence of owning your own home, plus the benefits that a community can provide, like dining, maintenance, activities, fitness and so much more. In life, especially when it comes to health, there are no guarantees. Menorah Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care, Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care, Surgery and Illness Rehabilitation Services, Long-Term Care Services | Nursing Centers and Managed Long-Term Care Plans. A solid continuum of care is especially crucial for individuals receiving drug and alcohol rehab. Residents in independent living at East Ridge can choose from standalone bungalows or Garden Homes. Continuum of care services through medication management is becoming increasingly important in improving patient outcomes. Because of this, we often find ourselves serving some of the same people during their senior years that we helped decades earlier. Generally, people think about “aging in place” in their current home. That means everything is on one level, showers and tubs are step-ins, hallways and doorways are wide enough to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs, there are grab bars in the bathroom … in other words, it has the features you’ll want for the future while providing the independence and lifestyle you want now.

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