Wilkinson Chrome Telecaster Bridge Steel Base Brass Saddles Fender Tele WTB CR This requires a bridge whose saddle have a bit more rearward travel (toward the strap knob) than a regular Strat bridge can reasonably handle. Get the kit together with all the tools and supplies to completely build and fully finish your new guitar. Fender's most popular pick shape in different materials. Kit looks clean but I'm beginning to realise that I'm going to have to invest in a bunch more tools:). Wilkinson. No CNC or Routing. The pictures don't show the sunburst effect I put on. (Really, since the Dually is just 2 Lace PUs side by side, the switch just turns off one PU). Positioning the bridge Wilkinson's take on the "lipped style" trem, mounting with elongated holes for either a 54mm or 56.4mm screw spacing, but with narrower string spacing at 54mm (2 1/8”). Wilkinson supercharged this kit with the best of everything. The heart of the kit is the premium grain-matched center jointed 2-piece body. Hey - Trev Wilkinson is a smart guy- not you don't have to put a cheap Gotoh unit on that prized strat- or deal with shimming your neck to accomodate a VS500 or VS1000- this FITS the stock, vintage spec guitars like a GLOVE. The hardware upgrades are where this kit really shines. Get started NOW! The peghead has a very familiar shape—it's ready for you to customize and dial in the exact curves and contours to match any vintage model you feel inspired by. Why buy a Superstrat when you can build your own? The pickups are Wilkinson's custom-wound WHS single coils in the neck and middle positions and a WHZB humbucker in the bridge. I was missing the high E string in the strings that came in the kit. The design is so simple and eminently usable it is a challenge to improve on it, but improve it Wilkinson did! The install looks very easy. Don't make a new nut just to fix a low slot—fill it! The bridge is Wilkinson's latest version of his amazing WVS tremolo. Wilkinson also staggered the string holes in the sustain block allowing the strings to follow the natural intonation line of the saddles, keeping the strings' "angle of attack" over the saddle's intonation point more consistent, eliminating annoying string "hang-up" giving unrivalled tuning stability. Download your instructions now! Wilkinson Classic 3-Saddle Guitar Bridge ~ Chrome. This kit is a blast to build. All applicable Fender products are covered under warranty by The STRATosphere. This is a big problem for me, since I’m looking at refretting the neck, or buying a new one.- The instructions leave a bit to be desired. Each and every electronic component is totally upgraded. With our series of ColorTone Finishing Supplies, you can make it look exactly like you've always pictured it. Needs better instructions for setting up the bridge. © 2019 The STRATosphere | Pros:- The hard work is done for you. The STRATosphere is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments. Everything is pre-wired with premium wiring and professional-grade CTS pots and CRL switch, saving you hours of work. Save on Over 900 Items. The design is so simple and eminently usable it is a challenge to improve on it, but improve it Wilkinson … C $23.45 shipping. Body and Neck are matched and fit GREAT. Pretty good. WTBGD Wilkinson Tele Vintage Spec Guitar Bridge Compensated Brass Saddle Gold. But you might also like to look at Ironstone vintage pickups: I put a set in an MIJ Squier, and they're great. RRP £52.99. Depending on how you choose to paint, stain, and finish the guitar could add days to months to your project.But someone with basic skills could carefully assemble this kit in just a few days, and have a one-of-a-kind instrument. All parts fit with no alterations needed. I preferred more black to mimic the current Player series. I'd like to put the Wilkinson vs-100n on it like I have on my Warmoth strat. The knife edges and locking saddles return to pitch with amazing accuracy, and the feel is comfortable under your palm. And there was the Eric Clapton Signature Strat with 3 … Electric Guitar Kit Builders Deluxe Tool Set - Bolt-on Neck, ColorTone Aerosol Finishing Set - Metallic Silver, ColorTone Aerosol Finishing Set with Metallic Lacquer, Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce, Finely sanded 2-piece center joined Alder body, Neck pocket, pickup cavities and bridge holes routed and drilled, Shaped Maple neck with installed truss rod, One piece modern neck with Maple or Rosewood fingerboard, 22 jumbo size frets and traditional dot inlays, Pre-slotted Graph Tech nut for perfect action, Pre-wired 3 ply aged white/black/aged white pickguard, Wilkinson WHS single coils in the neck and middle positions, WHZB humbucker in the bridge position, 5-way CRL switch and 250K CTS potentiometers, Output jack, premium wire, premium capacitors, Traditional white knobs with gold lettering. Excellent! Renowned hardware guru Trev Wilkinson designed this kit for the ultimate combination of tone and playability. The JB Strat uses a Dually Gold Lace in the bridge with a push button “coil splitter” to have it operate in either single or dually mode. RRP £39.99. Good electronics. To see the prizes and rules: https: ... and I palm mute a lot and it's very uncomfortable with this bridge. You'll have a ready to play factory-level guitar as soon as you install the last screw. Custom pickups and pro parts Wilkinson kept the traditional Strat looks, but made real improvements to the classic models. My pickups and Strap Locks went in no problem.- You can make a quality instrument with basic electronic skills.Cons:- I think this would be specific to my Kit, but my frets are rolled in a little too far on one side, so my high E drops of the fretboard frequently when fretting. The STRATosphere is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with Gibson Brands, Inc. LES PAUL®, SG®, ES®, EXPLORER®, FLYING V®, GIBSON®, the corresponding body shape designs and headstock designs are registered trademarks of Gibson Brands, Inc. The bridge is Wilkinson's latest version of his amazing WVS tremolo. I replaced the supplied pick guard with a Perloid one I had. Use a 3/8" drill bit to install the bushings. DISCLAIMER: Add To Cart *NEW Wilkinson Vintage TREMOLO for Fender Stratocaster Strat Chrome WVPC-CR. $26.99 Add to Cart. C $169.38. I’ve had to get used to playing very differently on Treble side. We've taken care of everything. The universal pickup routing is crisp and clean, and the wood is smooth and ready to finish. $32.99 Add to Cart. It appears if I enlarge the two outer-most hole from the old standard trem, and use those to install the posts - then the new bridge will fit perfectly. Item Code: WTBCR. Faithfully reproducing the size and weight of the original, this is a direct retro-fit for the "real thing" but with the added benefit of a push-in vibrato arm (rather than the troublesome original screw-in type). The STRATosphere is not an authorized dealer or reseller of Gibson products. Description: Since its introduction in 1954, this classic design is the most copied guitar vibrato bridge ever. Item Code: WTBD. C $52.12. This tremolo fits American Standard Strat ® and Strat Plus guitars without modifications. An American Pro II Strat HSS and a Squier Classic Vibe Strat. Wilkinson kept the traditional Strat looks, but made real improvements to the classic models. Wilkinson's take on the vintage style tremolo mounting with the string spacing at 10.8mm- Also includes screws, springs, claw & arm, Comments: * Please review full spec sheet in pictures section, All prices are in USD | I can't say this enough. These high output pickups are balanced for great sound in every position. Completing the assembly are the bent steel saddles built from the same gauge steel as the originals to retain the "vintage sparkle" that this bridge has become famous for. Build the super guitar you've always wanted The kit was final sanded and all I had to do was seal it prior to applying finish. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. Hardware is all very good quality.- Shape and Style make this easy to upgrade. Just delivered in under 3 days from StewMac to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. This results in a 12th fret that sits a TINY bit closer to the body. The improved version of the classic Fender Strat Bridge, The most consistent, top quality Strat® replacement body on the market today. Wilkinson 6 Point Stratocaster Tremolo Bridge Vibrato Black. The pick ups & electronics are very good.Pros: Easy to build.

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