Ethnocentrism is the term anthropologists use to describe the opinion that one’s own way of life is natural or correct. Explain various stages of international business. The most detrimental effects of ethnocentrism resulting into genocide, apartheid, slavery, and many violent conflicts. Such a belief develops out of socialization, which provides us the knowledge of the existence of different cultures, and that of our own, what these cultures entail, what is normal, what is different, what is right or what is wrong. Sumner stated that "Ethnocentrism is the technical name for this view of things in which one's own group is the center of everything, and all others are scaled and rated with reference to it. SI. The opposite of ethnocentrism is cultural relativism, which means to understand a different culture in its own terms without subjective judgments. [31] Finally, scholars agree that avoiding stereotypes is an indispensable prerequisite to overcome ethnocentrism; and mass media play a key role regarding this issue. A clear example of this can be seen on the American animated film Aladdin by Disney in 1992; the opening song of the movie is "Arabian Nights," it is mentioned on the lyrics that that land "it's barbaric, hey, but it's home," which had caused debates among the audience because it could lead to thinking that the Arabic culture is barbaric. Jefferson presidency The term "ethnocentrism" was first applied in the social sciences by American sociologist William G. List of the Advantages of Ethnocentrism. [33] However, that exchange of information can be hindered by ethnocentrism because it can diminish the interest of interacting with people from other cultures. IM SO BORED! Ethnocentrism means that one may see his/her own culture as the correct way of living. Write various limitations of international logistics management. [17] Examples that demonstrate a lack of understanding include when European travelers judged different languages based on that fact that they could not understand it and displayed a negative reaction, or the intolerance displayed by Westerners when exposed to unknown religions and symbolisms. Western companies are usually the leaders of the film industry. With its omnipresence throughout history, ethnocentrism has always been a factor in how different cultures and groups related to one another. These theories have helped to distinguish ethnocentrism as a means to better understand the behaviors caused by in-group and out-group differentiation throughout history and society.[8]. A [14], Due to enculturation, individuals in in-groups have a deeper sense of loyalty and are more likely to following the norms and develop relationships with associated members. [15][16], The ethnocentric classification of "primitive" were also used by 19th and 20th century anthropologists and represented how unawareness in cultural and religious understanding changed overall reactions to non-Western societies. Although there are mostly disadvantages to the views that ethnocentrism requires, some cultures and individuals can use this comparison to find some advantages. It’s the belief that one’s ethnic group is superior to another. Q. Ethnocentric people assume that they are trustworthy than other people for purposes based completely on their heritage and culture. The term ethnocentrism then refers to the tendency for each society to place its own culture patterns at the centre of things. To help, Malinowski would develop the theory of functionalism as guides for producing non-ethnocentric studies of different cultures. This also happens when a dominant group may perceive the new members as a threat. 20 Points!! Ethnocentrism is the practice of comparing other cultural practices with those of one's own and automatically finding those other cultural practices to be inferior.

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