In June 1994, Yang was elected as a foreign academician to the CAS, a post he has held ever since. Yang was married to Chi-Li Tu from 1950 until she died in 2003. “The US is a beautiful country, it gave me a good opportunity to do scientific research. See more. Weng then worked as an interpreter at the seminar and happened to receive and serve the Yangs during the meeting. . Try again later. Yang Zhenning, the first Chinese American Nobel Prize laureate, with his wife Wong Fan. Renouncing their US nationality can save their beneficiaries lots of money,” said a netizen on On Christmas Eve that year, 82-year-old Yang got married to 28-year-old Weng Fan, a master’s student of translation at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) in Guangzhou, South China’s Guangdong Province, just one year after his wife passed away. 1241: 1966: The system can't perform the operation now. In 1964, he was given American citizenship. On December 24, 2004, Yang Zhenning, 82, and Weng fan, 28, registered for marriage. The 82-year-old physician is to marry a woman at 28 next year. If you have trouble accessing this page and need to request an alternate format, contact “The inheritance tax in the US is high but there is none in China. “I carry my father’s blood, and it’s the blood of Chinese civilization,” he noted. Many people also say that Yang Zhennings marriage to Wengfan may be due to the memory of his ex-wife. When Chi Zhongrui married Chen Lihua, many people also said that Chi Zhongrui was for Chen Lihua's money, but now Chi Zhongrui slapped everyone in the face. Although the elderly Yang Zhenning has gray hair, judging from the photos released, he is in a very good mental state and full of energy. Yang is also one of the few scientists who has been visited by all five generations of Chinese leaders. Some netizens believe that Yang’s marriage in 2004 has tarnished his image. Yang has worked on various subjects in physics, but has his chief interest in two fields: statistical mechanics and symmetry principles. Weng, then a freshman at GDUFS, worked as an interpreter at the seminar and attended to the couple during the meeting. Under his liaison efforts and scholarship aid, several Chinese universities have built channels of academic exchange with their US counterparts. ", Nobel Prize winner scientist Yang Zhenning plays with a giant panda at Sichuan Wolong Giant Panda Natural Reserve October 14, 2004. The two proposed that one of the basic quantum-mechanics laws, the conservation of parity, is violated in the so-called weak nucle… Yang never concealed his pride in being Chinese. They first met at Shantou University, South China's Guangdong Province in 1995 when Yang, then accompanied by his late wife Chih Li Tu, elder daughter of late KMT general Du Yuming, attended an international physics seminar. Now the lives of Yang Zhenning and Weng fan have been very low-key, quiet and simple. Physical Review 150 (1), 321, 1966. In 1957, Yang won and shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with Lee Tsung-dao "for their penetrating investigation of the so-called parity laws, which has led to important discoveries regarding the elementary particles.". This site contains material from other media for content enrichment purpose only. Yang was survived by his first wife Chih Li Tu last year. In 1957, he received the Nobel Prize in Physics with Li Zhengdao (Tsung-Dao Lee) “for their penetrating investigation of the so-called parity laws which has led to important discoveries regarding elementary particles” and became the first of two Chinese Nobel Prize winners. Born in Hefei, East China’s Anhui Province, Yang went to the University of Chicago for a PhD in physics in 1946. . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chi Zhongrui is 11 years younger than Chen Lihua. Netizens and reporters publicly accused him of not returning earlier when China was poor and needed him most, but only coming back to enjoy high financial rewards after giving his best years to the US. [cns]. There is no public engaging ceremony as the two are now parted, with Yang in Beijing and Weng in Guangzhou working on her master degree. In Tuesday’s interview, Yang said he was proud of the contributions he has made to Sino-US ties. The two reestablished contact in this February and then fell in love with each other. According to reports, Weng’s considerate nature and strong command of English deeply impressed Yang. Yang Chen-Ning or Yang Zhenning (Chinese: 楊振寧; born October 1, 1922) is a Chinese theoretical physicist who made significant contributions to statistical mechanics, integrable systems, gauge theory, and both particle physics and condensed matter physics. It will be the second marriage for both of the two. Your email address will not be published. "In an interview afterwards, Yang Zhenning, who was asked to define his marriage with Weng fan, said this, including when facing the camera in CCTV's face to face. Required fields are marked *. . The news was met with widespread scorn from the public. Updated by 2004-12-17 08:35:37. I’m grateful to the US. For example, Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan were not optimistic at the time, and now they are not living well. On Christmas Eve that year, 82-year-old Yang got married to 28-year-old Weng Fan, a master’s student of translation at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) in Guangzhou, South China’s Guangdong Province, just one year after his wife passed away. No matter what the outside world speculates about Mr. Xus motivation, but it is true that for such a long-lived old man as Yang Zhenning, he also needs a partner to accompany him. Yang by Bing-An Li and Yuefan Deng [translated from a Chinese article which first appeared in <> vol.3 (1992)] [] [] [Chinese version]Alternative Homepage at Chinese University of Hong Kong . They are national treasures and should be respected,” the newspaper commented. He has also received much praise for promoting Sino-US friendship. ... Yang's marriage may crack down some of his reputations in Academic community and cause some people unhappy or uneasy. Yang Zhenning will marry 82-year old Nobel Luarate, physicist, one of dominant scientists born in China, was reported to have engaged with a 28-year old girl from Gunagdong, a south province of China. The news drew widespread attention and generated thousands of comments online. 'thirty or forty years later, you will surely think this is romance. Wen was then a freshman of Guangdong Univeristy of Foreign Studies. This was the most recent time the couple was seen in public. Yang never publicly responded to these criticisms, but on several occasions, when asked what his major contributions to China had been, he replied that he had helped the Chinese overcome their sense of inferiority. Since late 2003, the famed leading scientist has been giving regular lectures exclusive for freshman in China's elite Tsinghua University. Weng got married shortly after graduation and soon got divorced. Chen Ning Yang, 82, to marry a 28-year-old woman, Latest The two reestablished contact in early 2004 and then fell in love. Yang's first wife Du Zhili died in 2003 and Weng wed her first husband shortly after graduation from college and got divorced soon afterwards. Making the decision was painful,” he was quoted as saying, adding that his father, who passed away in 1973, had never forgiven him for giving up his Chinese nationality. Yang and his fiancee Weng Fan indorsed their engagement through a telephone call and set a date in next January for their marriage. Nevertheless, it did not seem to bother the couple, and they often appeared in public hand in hand, with Yang calling Weng a “final blessing from God.”. Show more. He has three children from this marriage. eg: temple, park, golf,       mountain, resort . And I know many American friends will oppose my renouncing my nationality,” he said. Nobel laureate courts controversy over decision to come back to China. In 1971, he visited the Chinese mainland for the first time after China-US relations thawed and made efforts to promote Chinese study and development in basic sciences. In 1979, during Deng Xiaoping’s first visit as a Chinese leader to the US, he hosted a welcoming banquet for Deng in Washington and made a speech entitled “The responsibility to help build a bridge of friendship.”. “Like I once said, without the bridge, there is no true peace and stability in the world.”. “I should like to say that I am as proud of my Chinese heritage and background as I am devoted to modern science, a part of human civilization of Western origin, to which I have dedicated and I shall continue to dedicate my work,” he said while addressing the Nobel Banquet. Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Yang in 2007 in Shanghai when he was the municipality’s Party chief.

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